British Speaker John Bercow Vows To Block Donald Trump’s Addressing UK Parliament

On 6 February, British Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow has strongly opposed to United States president’s addressing to United Kingdom parliament as to fly to London coming days.


It is said to be that Trump’s temporary immigration ban, racism and sexism are factors behind Bercow’s anger, while UK speaker is one of the three officials who has authority to allow US president’s addressing to British parliament.

However, if latest reports are to be that over 1.8 million Britain people have signed a plead demanding Trump the 45th United States president should not be allowed to address UK parliament as his speech may have humiliate Britain Queen Elizabeth.

A large number of UK people have also expressed their strong criticism over unexpected travel ban, though despite of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s defending announcement to invite US president state visit, over 149 lawmakers have reportedly signed a petition urging to not let the permission of addressing to Trump.

Although, an opposition Labor lawmaker asked House of Commons speaker John Bercow about the possibility of Trump’s address to parliament, replied saying he has concerns.

Bercow said in his statement that he has fears to Trump for something negative, hence feels strongly UK’s opposition to racism and to sexism as well support for equality and an independent judiciary are enormously major concerns.

Though, his lawmakers felt joy over his thought even gave him a round of applause as reward. Even though, Trump’s executive order broke protests all around the world as blocks admission America for refugees and people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Nevertheless, thousands of protestors also launched marches in United Kingdom streets against Trump’s bad thoughts. Speaker Bercow has vowed to oppose Trump speaking and will be attempting to block his possible addressing in United Kingdom parliament.

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