Brexit Vote: Mps Vote In Favour Of Brexit Bill Triggering Britain’s Exit From EU

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union is widely called Brexit, a portmanteau of British and exit. Following a referendum command on twenty three Gregorian calendar month 2016, in which fifty two of votes solid were in favor of deed the EU.


The UK government intends to invoke Article fifty of the accord on Common Market the formal procedure for withdrawing by the tip of March 2017. This within the accord terms would put the kingdom on a course to depart the EU by March 2019.

A triumphant Theresa could is on course to trigger Article fifty by her target in March, after the bill cleared the Commons with even no changes – creating a ‘hard Brexit’ ever additional possible.

MPs again gave their support to the Prime Minister to begin withdrawal talks on her terms by four hundred and nity four votes to One hundred and twenty-two on the ultimate Commons study of the landmark legislation.

Erectly, they rejected no fewer than nine tried amendments, including one to guarantee the longer term rights of EU nationals, which mean that a clear Bill can attend the higher chamber.

Satisfy Brexit supporters believe that will create it more durable for the unelected Lords – despite a robust stay majority – to amend the Bill, because of a reluctance to require on selected MPs.

A London MP said that she don’t even believe about blank cheque. She told in her talk, we are going to holding them to account on the floor of the House.

The Workers Protest against Article Fifty was more wild as compare to the last week’s second reading of the bill, with fifty-two MPs defying their leader, 5 more than a week ago

Ms May was asked to draw up bill after the order of Supreme Court that Parliament must give its Idea to triggering Article Fifty.

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