“Brexit Earthquake”: Tony Blair Sets Up New Policy Unit To Tackle Brexit Populism

Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom Tony Blair has sets up new institute for the creation of new policy to tackle the combat of Brexit “Populism” and seeks to influence the withdrawal of United Kingdom from European Union which he described “Brexit Earthquake”.


The dramatic return to domestic politics, Former Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair has unveiled the creation of new policy for right-wing combat of Brexit “Populism”.

After declaring the Brexit can be stopped, Former 63-years old Prime Minister is setting up new institute “Tony Blair Institute” where he would lead the creation of new Policy unit for the center ground in the wake of Political Earthquake American elections and Brexit Vote.

Controversial return of Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair headed much new influential speculations which came out after Scottish National Party forced Tony Blair to debate in account for allegedly misleading Parliament over Iraq’s invasion.

Tony Blair, the Former Labour Prime Minister insisted he is not entering again in the boundary line of Politics and the organization which he named “Tony Blair Institute” will not particularly returning back.

However, Tony Blair hoped his institute would headed the creation of new policy agenda for the center ground of United Kingdom to dedicate the practical solution towards Brexit Populist movements across the country.

Highlighted words of Tony Blair flaunting online on a website which declare political Brexit the “Political Earthquake” and revealed the focus of his policy unit is mainly about the European debate over Brexit.

The withdrawal from European Union has raised numerous questions however, last month the Former Prime Minister told to rest of voters “we all are insurgents now” and the United Kingdom still open its ground by keeping its option open for holding the second one referendum.

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