Bollywood Actress And Former Miss India Is Going To Perform In America For Donald Trump

20 January, will be the biggest political event of 2017 as Donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of United states of America.


2017 is near, the United States of America will see Donald Trump being sworn in as its 45th president. Donald trump, a business tycoon’s road to the white house has been nothing short of dramatic.

Donald trump is also known as India’s supporter and his pre-inauguration celebrations Bollywood is also part of this ceremony.

As January 20 is coming there are reports that several US celebrities refused to be the part of celebrations, while former Miss India and Bollywood starlet Manasvi Mamgai, which is Trump supporter will not only part of the pre-inauguration celebrations but she will also perform at the event.

According to the reports, Mansvi will lead a dance role in this pre-inauguration ceremony in Bollywood style. In this event all of Donald’s supporters will gather up for more than 4 hours under one roof 20 % of the event will belong to the former miss India Manasvi Mamgai.


While talking to the media Manasvi said “The show will be o 19 January for the millions of Donald Trump followers and this will be held between 3 pm to 7 pm. And the president will come in a ceremony for only half an hour, from 5 to onward.

She has given time from 5 pm to 5.45 pm”, So the president is going to see the Bollywood’s actress performance there. Manasvi said all credit goes to her father who is a Chicago-based businessman and Engineer.

He also supported Donald Trump in the elections by the RHC (Republican Hindu Coalition) Which was founded by his father.

As the president have the really tight schedule to follow so he will attend this ceremony for the only half hour.

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