Boat Capsized Off The Coast Of Libya, Carrying 100 People, Fears Deaths

According to statement by aid groups, a ship was carrying about 100 migrants but unfortunately capsized in the frigid waters off Libya, though eight bodies have recovered while rescue crew face problems because of poor conditions.


If latest reports are to be believed, rescue remained successful to rescue just four survivors from the freezing waters but after hours’ efforts. However, rescue has been continuing its search 30 miles off Libya’s coast, Italian media reported.

Rome spokesman for the International Organization of Migration, Flavio di Giacomo, said addressing media that rescue team have rescued four lives out of an estimated 110 aboard, although fear to have more deaths.

Giacomo also said further information will be announced as a two trade vessels, aerial support and a French naval ship are part of searches in freezing waters.

No one cleared about the nationalities of the migrants but a large number of migrants have aim to reach at Europe but unfortunately sank off Libya coast, while so many people have lost their lives by traveling through vessels since late 2015 even having idea of dangerous seas.

The Italian coast guard rescued about 550 migrants who were also on way to Europe traveling across the Mediterranean, on Friday. Nevertheless, 123 people were discovered those crammed on to a single inflatable dinghy, said doctors involved in the rescue crew.

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) have released its estimation, over 9,990 people have arrived in Europe by traveling on boats in couple first weeks of year 2017. It is also said in this revelation that 11 people lost or died in previous incident in freezing waters of Libyan coast.

Although, 5,000 people have lost their lives in 2016 attempting to reach Europe by Mediterranean that considers highest number of death so far, the UNHCR reported.

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