Bigg Boss 10, 29 December 2016, Episode 74: Is Rohan Mehra Is Going To Leave House?

Swami om dreadful situation that he puts on the house mates during the “Tofan” task. They wake up with a new energy and were happy and tunes of “ooo la la “and they were quite amused especially Lopa who is quite amused on Om’s dance.

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Manveer was selected as one of the contenders for captaincy already announced him as Winner. Manu and Manveer advice Om to stop making claims and to play a fair game after his unjust behavior during the luxury budget task, Manveer told Manu that Om will tell same thing to Rohan who is the other contender.

Meanwhile there was an intense situation held between Mona and Manu n which Manu tells hers that 75 days in the house were unexpected but these unexpected occurrences in her life always yield result and gives her happiness.

Manu father also advised to Mona to get married with his boyfriend when she will leave bigg Boss house and live a safe or secure relationship.

Gaurav also tried to start conversation with Bani after a nasty fight they had last night, as the ay progress but the Buni is still upset and she gave Gaurav a cold shoulder.

In the evening, the bigg boss gives captaincy task to Rohan and Maveer for the next captain of the house. They were given flowers with the mud bed and they have to flant these and cover all of the mud bed in two hours.

Rohan got purple and Manveer got Pink flowers was sanchalika of the task but other can support and help to whoever they want.

There was little disturbance between Gaurav and Om but Manu tried to take over the situation and handled it.

Bigg boss nominated Roan for the whole season and Rohan got upset with this harsh decision of Bigg boss and locked himself in washroom after throwing his mic.

He tells Bigg Boss he will stay for the whole season in Bathroom or will leave the house. Lopa and Buni also feel that Rohan was treated in unfair manner and they also spoke out openly on this matter.

Finally, Rohan comes out and told bigg boss that nobody is punished like this way. If Rohan leaves house, he has to pay 2 crores on breaking the contract, let’s see what happens next.

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