Beyonce’s Baby Bump Posts Reveal Her Pregnancy With Twins

Beyonce Knowles’s pregnancy posts broke news about her twins babies in baby bump, attained more than 6 million likes in 11 hours on Instagram.


The ‘Single Ladies’ hitmaker posted her baby bump photograph on Wednesday by captioning that Beyonce and her rapper husband, both were expecting twins, went viral and she came out top trend on social platforms.

In some hours, her baby bump post earned more than 6 million likes, while currently has crossed figure of 9 million. Beyonce appears quite pregnant holding her stomach with soft hand, poses against a backdrop holds flowers and a veil trailing over her face and shoulders.

She captioned with words as couple would like to share their love and happiness, have been blessed two times over. She added saying Jay Z and Beyonce both are grateful as will be growing by two, also thanked for those who gave well wishes.

However, Beyoncé has left behind Selena Gomez who published sipping a drink image in last July on Instagram that received 6.3 million likes.


Stunning American actress-singer also stunned fans when published her nude image on her social account showing off wet body, appears to be in bathroom, hiding her breast with right arm and other hand on down side of her stomach.

One of the sexiest American super models Kendall Jenner posted on May 25, 2015 her lying on the floor photograph with her hair in heart formations, bagged 3.7 million likes.

America’s most-liked reality show personality Kim Kardashian shared her wedding photograph along with her husband Kanye West in 2014, emerged most popular on Instagram with likes number of 2.5 million.

Taylor Swift took her Instagram to share an adorable throwback image along with best friend Selena Gomez on her 24th birthday on July 22, 2016, grossed 3.2 million likes, though Beyonce does top with stunning figure.

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