Barack Obama Welcomed Triumphant Donald Trump At White House

The 44th President of United States Barack Obama hosted triumphant 45th President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval office on Thursday, by conquering Presidential Election 2016 Donald Trump has discussed the smooth handover of powers.

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Republican President-elect Donald Trump slams off millions of protesters, who marched against Presidency victory of him in several cities all across the United States but Donald Trump founded a cheerful Thursday.

When he hosted by 44th United States President Barack Obama in Oval Office to discuss on exchanging the a smooth transition of power of the state, Mr. Trump is looking a little bit nerves as he defeated Democratic Hillary Clinton shockingly.

The billionaire President-elect was accorded to chilly but received a cold welcome by Barack Obama, the private meeting run for 90 minutes in Oval Office.

The 70-years old President-elect arrived soon at home on Pennsylvania Avenue roughly around 11’o clock in morning for such an awkward meeting ahead for Donald Trump’s inauguration on 20 January next year.

The awkward 90-minutes meeting of Barack Obama and Donald Trump in Oval Office on Thursday morning have no aides present because Donald Trump got a stunning victory over former Secretary of Barack Obama and the member of Democratic Party.

Republican utters first time that it was an honor for him to meet Mr. Barack Obama, the man whom he called “a very good man” but he body language is thoroughly awkward as compare to his words spoke out on the phone may be with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Meanwhile the Thursday morning meeting, violent demonstrators have taken to streets of major cities including Washington and New York City, the large number of protesters unleashed clashes with Police as well as hanged effigies of brown hair President-elect Donald Trump.

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