Barack Obama Awarded Bill Gates, Ellen Degeneres And Michael Jordan With Honorary Presidential Medal Of Freedom

The 44th President of United States Barack Obama hosted his final Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony at White House on 22 November to give the honorary award of Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jordan and others.


Washington: United States President Barack Obama who has been at its climax stage of Presidency has hosted the final Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony on Tuesday at White House to award the award the 21 ground breaking real time heroes of America with nation’s highest civilian honor to many actors, musicians, athletes and also included innovators who inspired the world by their talent.

President Barack Obama declared after an hour long ceremony at White House on Tuesday, “Everybody has touched me in very personal and powerful way and in this way no one could imagine.”

The occasion not only fixed for one kind of talented and brilliant people but the ceremony invites each and every personnel who has done his or her work which is able to get the honor so the sorted list of participant includes the individuals from film world, musician, powerful athletes and brilliant one’s who inspired the whole world by their tactics.

From Film World, the U.S President Barack Obama honored Robert De Niro, Cicely Tyson, Robert Redford and Tom Hanks with highest civilians honor award of Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Two best ever basketball athletes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan were also honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Mr. Obama also honored Ellen DeGeneres and recalled that they can’t forget her contribution as she risked her career when came out as gay.

President also through a joke over the relationship with Bill Gates who inspired the whole world by latest technologies.

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