Attacks On Muslim Students In California Campus Sparks After Shocking Donald Trump’s Victory

Republican victory over much liked Democratic has sparked scattered reports of rancor in Californian campuses on Muslim students although Californian Police has launched investigation while one of the Muslim student described it as a hate crime.


Californian authorities have been investigating the report of different attacks in California college campuses and beyond on Muslim students, one of the Californian college campus Muslim students who were wearing a headscarf described the attacks as a hate crime on Thursday. Muslim students targeted in two universities of California but the victims not hurt.

The day before the shocking winner Donald Trump met with Barack Obama at white house in Oval Office on Thursday, two attacks came out on Wednesday on Muslims-the nation much hated by Donald Trump.

In one of the incidents, two of the assailants confronted a Muslim student of California College campus at San Diego State University, the state police said the two assailants surround Muslim student and made too hated comments about President-elect Donald Trump and the Muslim community of United States.

According to police spokesperson Ronald Broussard, the Muslim women had backpack, purse and car keys that were stolen; she went to Police Department to get help and returned to the scene with Police Cops. Police launched investigation as for the charge of strong arm-robbery, auto theft and suspected hate crime.

A joint statement by University President and Police chief, the assailants confronted victim because she has Muslim faith and wearing traditional Muslim garment along with headscarf.

Meanwhile, another incident of hate had reported that a Principle, who allegedly made anti-Trump comments at Milpitas High School during a campus walkout, was put to leave.

In another incident, a Louisiana student had been forced by two men to put Trump’s hat.

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