Attack On Army Hospital In Afghanistan 30 Killed More Than 70 Injured

One again bad news as the terrorist attack hospital in Kabul Afghanistan according to the local news the team of terrorist entered into the army hospital and attack everyone in result of which thirty people were killed and more than seventy injured.


Terrorists killing the humanity as they are attacking such places like hospitals and schools the hospital name is Dauad Khan Military hospital first there was a blast done on the gate of the hospital.

After that the terrorists enter in the hospital and attack all doctors and patients in result thirty are died on spot and other more than seventy are injured some of them are in critical situation as the local report suggests.

After the attack security forces take charge and covered all the surrounded area of the hospital and started operation against them after the fight of six hours they got control on the area and they gave clearance to the report.

According to the report of security officers four terrorists were killed in the result of the long fight of six hours everyone is shocked about the attack and condemning to the president of the Afghanistan on that bad incident on telephone government.

Pakistan also delivered a message against the incident happened there in Afghanistan and also said we are with Afghanistan in fight with terrorism and also help their level best to world in fight with terrorism.

Government said to treat injured as well as they can and also put security high alert after the time of incident according to the local news report the incident happened in morning time first they fight on gate and after that there was a blast done on gate in which guards lost their life’s after that they entered in the hospital building and opened fires.

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