At Least Twenty Students Dead In A Waterfall Accident In Ghana

Group of students were swimming in the river near waterfall which is the most famous place for tourism in Ghana and they were on a trip but a storm came and killed about twenty students by falling trees on them.


Kintampo waterfalls are one of most beautiful places in that country which attracts the people towards its peaceful climate; it is situated in Brong Ahafo.

They are the students of a high school and they went there for some enjoyment on a trip but a storm came and due to that suddenly attack trees fell on the students, which is the cause of their death while on that moment boys are swimming in the river under the waterfall.

National fire security officers said that a destructive storm is the cause of this accident and they are trying to help the people by taking them out from that accident place because some people are still behind the trees and they are still in danger.

On Sunday afternoon this accident happened and security officers are trying to cut that tree with chainsaws because there are some people who are still trapped in there. On that place some people are from high school and some are tourists.

An eyewitness reported that a huge tree fell on the people who were swimming apparently in the river and killed almost 18 persons and most of them are the students.

Almost 20 people has been dead and 11 people are still injured and admitted at hospital, they are receiving treatment, they are in serious condition and in between that students, their supervisor has also been dead in that accident.

The minister of tourism said that they are also in pain and condolences to the families who have lost their persons and praying for them who are injured.

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