At Least 1 Killed And 2 Critically Wounded In Azusa Shooting, Gunman Found Dead

An active gunman opened fire near a polling station in City of California, Azusa, a shooter with a power riffle was found dead inside his home on Tuesday, the shooting rampage killed one person while two women critically injured.


A cocaine-fueled “fanatic shooting”, armed gunman with a heavy assault rifle launched shooting rampage in Azusa’s neighborhood on Tuesday, the fanatic firing left one person killed while two women reportedly injured badly near a polling station.

The gunman founds dead inside the home in a suburb of Los Angeles who opened fire on Police officers who registered a report of gunfire.

The incident was occurred near the Memorial Park on North Orange Revenue at 2:05 p.m., the city is 25 miles far away from east edge of Los Angeles, officials revealed.

Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported in news conference, it is still unknown the gunman died by self shooting or had been shoot dead by Police when Police responded to fire.

However, identity of heavily armed rifle gunman was not revealed and Police released a statement about shooter, “We’re in the process of trying to figure out why this happened and who this person is and what exactly made him snap.”

The fatally shoot victims was identified as a man but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department unable to get the details while other two victims identified as women of 65 and 59 years old, suffering from critical condition and the doctor revealed the two wounded victims have “life threatening” injuries.

The fatally shoot dead victim’s body was lying outside the doorway, due to rampage two polling stations and two schools are reportedly lockdown, the Memorial Park as well shut down for the rest of the day.

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