Apple Finally Reason Outs The Cause Of Its Iphone 6s Unexpected Shut Down Bug

The technology giant company has finally break the ice at last over the technical glitch unexpected Shut Down bug in Apple’s iPhone 6s that’s been tormenting some of the iPhone 6s users but only on Chinese Website.


Apple.Inc company has broke silence at last over the technical glitch in some of the iPhone 6s smart phone that has tormented the several users.

The bug was found in some iPhone 6s devices on global level that was powering off unexpectedly but only a small batch of last year manufactured devices were affected and resolved. The cause unveiled behind the technical glitch of globally shutting down unexpectedly.

With the sharp increase in the iPhone 6s user’s complaints, the technology giant Apple company vowed to solve out the matter and successfully replaced the batteries of small batch of affected devices.

but kept silence over exactly what happening with the devices but finally a time arrive when the company disclosed the cause behind the unexpected Shut Down bug but this time the company took strange move because it has only disclosed the flaw details to Chinese website but not unleashed on global level.

Meanwhile, the gossips graphs enhanced though it stressed it might be a safety issue, statement released by Apple on Chinese website reads, “We found that a small number of last year manufactured iPhone 6s devices made in September and October 2015 contained a problem causing battery component that was exposed to controlled ambient air longer, and it should have been before being assembled into battery packs.

The result came out the degrade batteries faster than normal batteries so the small batch of iPhone 6s devices causing the unexpected powering off bug.”

The statement on the Chinese website also reveals at the end that this is not a safety issue but an important note.

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