Apple Exposed First Ios 10.2 Beta With New Features, New Emojis, Saves Camera Setting And Medical Id

The Apple is on the way to amuse its user with many of new features day after day as the high profile technology giant company Apple Inc. the first beta version issued officially a week after the launch of 10.1.

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Apple unveiled its newer significant update as it recently dropped the first beta version of iOS 10.2.

The first beta version comes a week after the release of iOS 10.1 that supposedly the key update for its predecessor iOS 10.

First beta update by Apple is the issued to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with five new exciting features.

Mac Rumors opened up about its first beta release; this updated allows iPhone users to get a thorough access to Unicode 9.0 which basically means the bunch of new emojis however, the newer emojis includes avocado, butterfly, bacon, croissant, clown, pancakes, gorilla, owl, and shark emojis while the emojis gallery is also filled with drooling face, crossed finger, selfie and palm face naughty images.

The bunch of more emojis for both male and female added in this update as well as some roughly used images are upgraded to give them stronger emotions that one never ever saw.

The Beta 1 added three heart touching wallpapers to phone gallery, camera setting is among the five latest features that allows users to get a unique setting and have a option to preserve the last setting he used.

A new functional ability surrounds the ground of Medical id which notifies the person at time of emergency.

In iOS 10.2, a functionality of sorted listed of Apple Music which can be sorted by title, recently added and type.

However, Mac User found a crucial update regarding Emergency ID, by using Emergency ID a automatic notification can be sent during emergencies by using Emergency SOS feature.

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