Angela Merkel Is Seeking For New Two-Year Term As German Conservative Party Leader

The German Politician Angela Merkel who is serving the nation now as the Chancellor of Country of Europe is seeking for new two-year terms as German Conservative Party leader to follow her statement of last month.


The leader of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel has been seeking to become the head of German Conservative Party for last month when she opened up about her desire to came out the leader of the Conservative Party which is best known as German.

Deutschkonservative Partei (DKP) which was operating from 1876 and considered as the right-wing political party of German Empire.

The Chancellor of Germany gets in contact with media reporters on Monday 5 December when Angela Merkel opened some brief statement in a general party conference of her leadership party Christian Democratic Union.

Although the lady urged her feeling to become leader in two-year term of German Conservative Party, wants to secure the backing of her conservative party, the lady also pledges to be the Chancellor of Germany for the fourth time.

The 62-years old former research scientist with a doctorate in Physical Chemistry entered in Political world after the wake-up Revolution 1989,

the current Chancellor of Germany was first elected by Democratic East German Government as the deputy spokesperson and then with the sincerity she turned out the chairwomen of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) at the beginning of 20’s.

Her leadership Party was gripped in several controversies over past years, but she migrates crises and also came out the party from poor election state.

This is the golden time slot of leader because she will helm Christian Democratic Union for one more term, the lady grabbed support of 96.7 percent which is the highest rate of support from delegates two years ago.

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