Android Marshmallow Version 6.0 Is Now Launched Update Your Smartphone Now

Now a day’s everyone was using the Android Lollipop versions and most of people are fed up now from these Lollipop versions and want some change in their smart phones so, the wait is over now and google have introduced the Marshmallow version 6.0 to bring some changes in the smart phones.


Android marshmallow was developed by android M developers and to get this up grated version you have to grab a new smart phone or you must been using the Nexus series these updates are available on very few series of smart phones and these series are Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Samsung galaxy S6 Edge, A9 and on HTC One M8, M9.

The Features of this marvelous software which makes its very unique are its short cuts, a very new thing was introduced in Marshmallow was that on the lock screen you were provided by the options of settings of Display, WiFi, Data usage and Battery.

The outlook of Marshmallow is similar to Lollipop but in Marshmallow the dialer option parallel to camera option is replaced with google voice search on lock screen and voice search got a totally new look four colored dots are present and created a waveform having an awesome grey background and voice search was also available on home screen on search bar.

The specialty of this software is that it provides many shortcuts and quick launches settings and it is also includes with the shortcuts of Lollipop and it has a unique quick launcher if you swipe the finger on the screen it will show your notifications and if you swipe your finger again it will show you all your settings in includes animations and easter eggs.

it has 200 new emoji which are connected with your keyboard and having awesome and heat touching new looks and theams it was included with Voice API and Assist API and with all the google items and settings.

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