Al-Shabaab Attacks Kenya’s Military Base In Southern Somalia

On Friday, an East African jihadist terrorist group’s a suicide bomber smashed a car into a Kenya’s army base in Southern Somalia, launching a severe battling that shot dead numerous people.


Although, spokespersons for the Kenyan Defense Ministry and the East Africa based Islamist fighter group both have taken responsibility for the bombing but it wasn’t confirmed whether which side is on right way or saying true.

Militants reportedly targeted Somalia’s region Lower Juba, it is still unconfirmed that fighters from the Al-Shabaab had carried out bombings in Mogadishu in just recent week.

However, Somalia has been facing violent chaos in its various states since its a longtime dictator was removed from power in 1991, considers a place of a secret American-backed battle connecting Special Operations troops, air raids, private contractors and African allies.

While Kenya’s army had stopped attacks carried out by a jihadist terrorist group in past as well as last January’s an assault, though the president of Somalia has killed about 180 Kenyan troops close to the El-Adde’s village.

Although, Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for killing of 57 Kenyan soldiers in assault on 27 January, considers one of the deadliest attacks in history of land.

Though, the administration of Barack Obama had enhanced the legal range of the army operation congress that authorized against terror militant organization al-Qaeda following the assaults in 11 September, 2001, though when Al-Shabaab had not its existence.

The African Union carries a peacekeeping mission in Somalia with the help of the United Nations and the base was targeted in the Kolbio’s town, was under the authority of that operation.

Al-Shabaab’s representative, Abdiaziz Abu Musab, declared in addressing that its fighters stormed the base and removed military automobiles and equipments in the attack, while announced 57 Kenyan soldiers’ deaths.

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