After Plane Crash Land In South Sudan, At Least 37 Get Injured

Because of poor weather on Monday, a commercial plane get crashed landing in South Sudan causing injuries to 43 on board. It is miraculously said that there were minor injuries and even not a single death.


The incident took place at the Airport in Wau, in the nation’s North West, Ateny, the South Sudanese Presidential Spokesperson said the Pilot overshoot the runway dropping onto an unpaved ground.

The procedure of crash started when the Plane’s right wing hit a car and fire start at the right side of the plane, after that the Pilot opened the door near the tail that was not on fire and managed to evacuate every one.

Initially authorities were not able to find all the passengers because they fled the scene, Twenty five were taken to hospitals and three remain hospitalized with minor injuries. The plane was caring 43 adults and 3 children said by Wal Aching, an official at south Supreme Air lines in Wau.

The weather was not good and citing very cloudy conditions, when the plane was headed from the capital Juba to Wau, Juba is located southern regions of the country.

The fire initially led many people to think that they will no more survive; there were 40 passengers and 5 crew members on board the South Supreme Airlines plane.

Several people gathered near the plane after its crash landing, an ambulance was brought to people from airport to hospital and most of them were released shortly after.

Some of the people were got out by themselves others were pulled, only the back part of the plane was remains but the rest was burned.

If we look back n to the past in November 2015 a plane was crashed in Juba and two passengers were pulled and was minor injured, after that one of them was died.

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