Afghan Security Forces Oppose An Attempted Takeover From The Taliban

Kabul: in eastern Laghman province clashes kill 70 militants, as well as Taliban leaders and commanders in which 50 personnel were killed and 4 security forces member injured.


After US drone and the security forces attacks killed 20 militants, while 10 security agents and 5 Taliban killed in an explosion while planting landmine in Uruzgan.

According to the Afghan news agency during the anti terrorism operations they failed the attempt of takeover on a province from Taliban inflicted heavy casualties.

According to the provincial government’s Media Office Afghan forces in collaboration with the Provincial Government takes action However, several Taliban leaders and commanders escape away.

The provincial government says in killed and injured Talban’s many senior leader and commanders named Khalis, Khalid, Jannat Gul, Muhammad, Attal Umer Zai and many others are included.

The Afghan National Army’s 215th Maiwand Corps Ltd General Zazai Prophet Mohammad confirmed the release of the local police officials which was taken to a prison in Nad-e Ali district went kidnapped.

In Nngrharmyn while different operations US drone attack killed 11 militants, 10 soldiers of the 9 members of ISIS and security forces. According to officials these actions are done in the area of Ghani Khel, Coat and kugyany.

In the capital of Afghanistan Kabul on deafening blast the woman was killed and 8 others injured.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Local Police were rescued 32 officers from the Taliban in the southern province of Helmand. Explosion happens while the company’s employees took a bus to the city Anders,

Due to explosion 8 persons who are the passengers of this bus are seriously injured and one woman died at the spot. The explosion was remote control or just hit only this bus.

Afghan Interior Ministry said the blast responsibility will not accept by any organization.

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