Adana Explosion: Turkey’s Adana Car Explosive Attack Kills At Least 2 People And Left 33 Wounded

The major city of Southern Turkey Adana shouted with loud voice of car explosion that carried out the killing of at least two individuals and there are 33 people who were injured in the attack.


Adana: The Turkish city Adana’s Governor House shouted out with the explosive attack of car on Thursday, the explosive attack killed at least 2 people outside the parking area while there are 33 people who were injured badly.

The attack is believed to have been carried out the by either Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants or the Kurdish fighters because weeks after United States previously warned of an explosive attack.

Reportedly, the bomb-laden vehicle was parked in the parking area of Governor’s office was detonated early on Thursday around 8:00 a.m.

but this time the shocking revelation has left everyone surprised that the car bomber who parked the detonated car in the Governor’s officer parking is a women and allegedly believed to have link with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Kurdish forces.

The vehicle explodes in the parking area of the office has also injured the nearby locals as well as the explosion is powerful enough that it has shaken the buildings of the area as well.

The southern city Adana’s Governor Mahmut Demirtaş revealed the vehicle which was flaunting Mersin plated 2001 model car used for detonation and sold at notary on 22 November and become the weapon of attack on 24 November just after two days while the person identity has disclosed as H.A.

A video footage of the attack was flaunting everywhere which features a scene of ablaze the car in the parking area and thick black smoke rising towards the sky that led the injuries of dozens of civilians.

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