Aamir Khan And Shahrukh Khan First Time In 25 Year Coming Together In Bollywood Movie

In a long period of time they worked together in same film industry Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan both are most famous actor of  Bollywood and very much talented actors first time in their life both seen together in self click picture.


Shah Rukh khan uploaded a picture with Aamir Khan it happened first time that both stars are seen together in self taken picture, they meet last week in a function in Mumbai both looked very friendly to each other as they spend mostly time together there.

Shah Rukh khan’s last movie is a Raees and according to the news report he is going to do a show on star plus in which he will be a Host.

According to report now King is making his relation with other star good and show a lot of love for all film industry  as he working from more than twenty five years for Bollywood.

It was a surprise click by famous actor Shahrukh Khan as they both working from long period together from more than twenty five years and many times work together and get together in many functions.

But the picture is never been click it is the first self take picture is taken by Shah Rukh Khan and shared by him with his fans.

Both actors talked with each other as both are still busy in doing movies and also both show interested in working together in a film soon, Shahrukh Khan is now days busy in his upcoming with Anushka Sharma.

Where’s Aamir is also busy these days in his shooting of thugs of hindostan fans are very much happy to see both talented actor together and show their wish that they both must work together in same film.

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