A US Commando Dies In Raid In Yemen, First Military Raid Authorized By Trump

United States military launched a raid that authorized by Trump administration, on the al-Qaeda militant group in southern Yemen on 29 January, 2017, a commando died and three soldiers were injured, US authorities reported.


It was first military action that authorized by new American president Donald Trump, shot dead 14 jihadists from the Islamist militant organization, have been attacked by US drone strikes.

Eyewitness told media that 30 people as well as 10 women and children were also died in US actions against the militants. It is reported to be that raid wounded two more American workers when an US army warplane was on way evacuating injured commandos but suddenly fire wrapped up, had to purposely devastated in location.

While, Mr. Trump declared the dawn raid ‘successful’, added saying they will be overcoming terrorism with help of its intelligence and special-forces. The people of United States are in sorrow as an American commando lost his life carrying out fight against the Islamist fighters who believes terrorism right path.

However, United States commandos remained successful to kill a senior leader Abdulraoof al-Dhahab from Yemen based al Qaeda branch, also targeted some other jihadists in Yakla district of al-Bayda province in Western Asian nation.

Although, a 8-year-old daughter of US-born Yemeni preacher and ideologue for the Islamist militant group, was among those children died during the US dawn raid, grandfather to her told media, while her father lost his life in 2011 during a US drone attack.

On other side, Pentagon haven’t revealed about any civilian casualties in his statement, though, one of the US military officials told media on condition of anonymity that they are not allowed to leak any secret or acts to anyone.

Nevertheless, Trump’s wanted to gather intelligence forces on Islamist group in the Arabian Peninsula.

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