A Gunman Open Fire In Crowd Of Downtown Seattle Left 5 Injured

Police is in search of a gunman who opened fire in a crowded place of Seattle outside the convenience store in downtown, police cops are searching a man who was on foot walked away after shooting, left 5 injured.


The intense Police search has been initiated in downtown area of Seattle after the authorities have revealed the gunman has started shooting rampage outside the convenience store and was on foot, walked away from the crime scene. The firing in crowd has injured five innocent individuals who were outside the convenience store.

Seattle Assistant Police Chief Robert Merner who has been investigating the case spoke out, four men and a single woman have been wounded after hearing some arguments near Third Avenue and Pine Street which was outside the busy bus stop of 7-Eleven store,

“There was some type of argument that took place, a suspect walked away and then fired into crowd striking those individuals,” Assistant Police Chief Robert Merner added. All five victims are young boys and ladies of 20 to 25 years old.

The Police cops intensely searching and trying to identify the gunman who fled away from the crime scene, the shooter allegedly escaped on foot after rampage on Wednesday.

However, all five victims are safe and have no life threaten as they were rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The on-duty Harborview Medical Center spokeswomen opened up about the wounded innocents condition as she said two men and one women who were hospitalized on Wednesday healing speedily because the patients now out from serious condition zone and entered in satisfactory zone.

Ed Murray who is the Mayor of Seattle released a statement on Wednesday night that he thankful all the five victims are alive and receiving special treatments in local Medical Center.

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