6 Police Officers Wounded, Over 200 Protesters Arrested At Trump Inauguration Protests In DC

Noisy demonstrations affected President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day as occurred infrequent clashes, protestors wounded six police officers those who tried to give away noisy demonstrations, arrested more than 200 protesters.


The Police forces have already planned stopping expected disruptions of Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, while three-thousand members of local, state and federal law enforcement were held in downtown Washington.

The security forces were supported by 5,000 National Guard members and police officers from as far away as New Jersey, though a number of officers patrolled streets to present resistance in way of the crowds of demonstrators.

After discovering unbearable condition from black-clad ‘antifascist’ protesters who showed great violence on 12th and K streets, beat out window of a limousine, hit storefronts, threw rocks at a phalanx of police lined up in an eastbound crosswalk and also smashed bus stops, in the result police had to use smoke and flash-bang devices to give the violence, though huge noise may have heard from blocks away, into the street dispersing the throngs.

Police forces used pepper spray and other control piece of equipment to overcome the critical situation as well protecting residents and persons.

Nevertheless, Anti-Trump demonstrations were carried out in some cities of United States such as Seattle, Portland, New York, Oregon, Dallas, and Chicago on 20 January, 2017. While, Seattle authorities informed media that a person is under going critical condition at a hospital as wounded in the result of a gunshot.

Although, we also learnt that protests also occurred out of the United States against the newly-elected US president, such as in Berlin, Hong Kong, and London.

A large number of demonstrators also showed calm and peace by doing protest in front of the police forces, grouped the nation’s capital for Inauguration Day and Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.

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