42 Yemeni People Killed In Refugee Boat After Military Chopper Open Fires

HODEDIA (Yemen): A boat full of Somali refugees swooped in by a Military Vessel and a helicopter gunship, opening fire, 42 killed. The bat was full of Somali refugees including women and children who were trying to reach sodan from Yemen.


The boat left from Ras Arra and was 30 miles off the coast when the Military open fire with helicopter gunship, 42 killed in this attack.

International Organization for Migration called it totally unacceptable and had said to check out that who was present at the boat before firing, he also said about 75 men and 15 women’s were survived after attack and were taken to the detention centre and other dead bodies were laid into a fish market because of the lack of space in mortuaries.

The boat’s Yemeni captain was shooting on the leg but piloted the bat toward the Yemeni city of al Hodeida to put the dead in coolers normally used for fish.

A Yemeni Trafficker tell the press that when the gunship open the fire all the refugees become panic and hold up flashlights to show they are immigrants the firing stopped but after 42 had been killed.

The agency said that refugees had been attacked by air by the Saudi led coalition battling rebels but did not provide any further information or details.

The UN’s Immigration agency said 42 dead bodies were recovered after attack around 3 AM it also that it was appalled by this tragic incident in which civilians continue to disproportionately to bear the conflict in Yemen.

It has been said that Yemen shiite rebels accused the Saudi led coalition of carrying out the attack and the coalition has been heavily bombarding the nearby coast around the Yemeni city of Hodeida and it accuses the rebels, known as Hothis of smuggling weapons into the port in small boats, there was no immediate coalition comment.

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