4 Persons Killed, 15 Injured In A Truck Attack On Israeli Forces In Jerusalem

A truck attacked a group of Soldiers who were soldiers who were disembarking from a bus on Sunday in occupied Jerusalem, killing about 4 peoples and 15 got injuries.


On Sunday, a truck attacked Israeli Soldiers who were disembarking from the bus and killed 4 of them while injured almost 15 according to the Police and Rescue services.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that truck attacked soldiers group and killed 4 of them, she further informed that attacker was shot dead.

According to Israel’s rescue service MDA, there were almost 4 killing including 3 women and a man and 15 are wounded including one with the serious condition.

Roni Alsheich, Israel’s police chief told media that the attacker was from a Palestinian neighborhood in occupied east Jerusalem while forces were unaware of that and they had no advance warnings.

He refused to describe further information and said that further details will be revealed after an investigation.

Sunday’s incident is the first Israeli casualties in three months, Israel and the Palestinian territories have been rocked by a series of stabbing, shooting and car ramming attacks, since October 2015 which have killed more than 280 Palestinians, 30 Israelis and three foreign nationals dead.

The violence comes in the reaction to growing violence in the Palestinian territories in response to an uptick in Israel raids on Al Haram Al Sharif. Israel has been imposing restrictions on Palestinians from going into the Muslim site and perform their Jewish and Talmudic rituals inside the holy site.

Israel has also banned Palestinians from burning their dead bodies in Bab Al-Rahma in which many historic figures are buried.

Along with this they removed Arabic Signs from streets of Jerusalem and promoting their religion, demolished their homes, killing them and doing what they can do worst with the innocent peoples of Palestine.

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