4 Climbers dead on 4th consecutive day on Mount Everest

Climbing of mountains becomes more dangerous at Mount Everest because reportedly fourth person were died on the Peak of Mountain, while there were two other partners who are missing yet.


After two years of hiatus, the climbing season of the world’s highest mountains has been resumed this year for climber. The hiatus of two years is due to the deadly avalanche in Sherpas in Nepal that killed 16 numbers of people in 2014 and catastrophic earthquake in 2015 in Nepal but the casualties comes in light for consecutive four days on Famous Mountain.

Crew member Phurba Sherpa holds the record of 30 ascents out of total ascents of eight thousands was died on the highest peak of Mount Everest on Thursday. According to the reports he was the central figure of 2015 Sherpa Documentary, the 25-years old climber Phurba Sherpa was working to fix the route on Mountains about 150 meter when he unfortunately become dead. His death confirmed by rescue team leader of Everest Base Camp, Mingma Sherpa.

Eric Arnold who is a professional mountain climber as well as a motivated speaker died at night time while heading back after the successful summit on highest peak Mountain Everest on Friday. The 36-years old climber death suspected to have a heart attack according to Tashi Lakpa Sherpa. Under the twitter bio, Arnold was from Netherland and a tri-athlete in Rotterdam.

An Australian women Maria Strydom has attempted to climb the highest peak of Mount Everest, died due to attitude sickness while traveling with the seventh summit Treks. Maria was a lecturer at Department of Banking and Finance at University of Monash since 2006. According to the rescue leader Tashi Sherpa, the 34-years old climber couldn’t mark more upward.

Subhash Paul who was Managing director of Trekking camp Nepal was died at the Base Camp due to attitude sickness on Sunday. Paul was team up with Goutam Ghosh and Paresh Chandra Nath. The team members of Paul still missing from Saturday night thus the matter is not clear still, what was happened with them.

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