35 Russian Diplomats Expelled By America, Along With The Closure Of Two Compounds

The United State of America Expels 35 diplomats of Russia and closed 2 compounds, President Obama describes these expels as “Intelligence Operatives” and he also announces the closure of 2 compounds in New York and Maryland.


According to the International news agency they have given 72 hours to Russian diplomats to leave America under allegation of “manner inconsistent with their diplomatic status” The Russian staff members will not be able to do access their compounds in Maryland and New York.

This is the quick response in U. S favor said by the Obama. He added “These data theft, activities could only have been ordered only by highest Russian Officials”. More Over our diplomats have experienced harassment in Moscow by Russian he added.

Four individual GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) and three companies that facilitated them in cyber operations were among the blacklisted.

Obama also said that they will continue these activities time to time and some of which will not publicize, Different leaders also acted on this in their election campaign.

According to Donald Trump these steps will harm the relationship between Moscow and Washington but the spokesman of Russian president Dmitry Pesvok called them “Non-sense” in an interview.

The seats for the Russian delegation are seen empty in United Nations General Assembly session in U.N Headquarters in New York.

Russia is not going to expel anyone in response to U.S sanctions Putin said. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov earlier submit a proposal to expel 35 U.S diplomats from Russia in response to Barack Obama orders against Russian diplomats in America.

Russian foreign Minister called the Obama Government “a group of embittered and dimwitted foreign policy losers”.

Putin is also waiting for January 20 when trump will become the president of United states of America. Trump also said that he will meet Intelligence officials and it is time to do bigger and better things.

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