3 US Soldiers Shot In Afghanistan By Afghan Soldier At NATO Base

3 U.S troops killed in the attack on 19 March by Afghan Soldier when they was receiving medical Treatment. An Afghan soldier was killed after he opens fire on three U.S soldiers receiving medical care. The shooting was not deliberate but a mistake claimed by a spokes person by Afghanistan Army.

After shooting 3 U.S Troops in suspected; Afghan soldier killed


The event happened inside the Camp Shorab airbase in the Helmand province in south Afghanistan when an afghan soldier open fire on 3 U.S troops. Calition security services at the scene returned fire to end the attack and the officer was killed.

Afghanistan’s tolo news reported that the incident was happened during a training exercise of military. The soldiers were receiving medical treatment after the shootout at Camp Antonic, said by salvin.

The attacker deliberately fired on the soldiers, said by Tolo citing military officials whereas mohammad Rasool Zazai , an Afghan army spokesman told the associated press that the attack was an mistake and had not fired deliberately.

Before this at least 13 Taliban Militants were killed and about dozen were wounded during operation in Sothern Zabul province, two Afghan soldiers were wounded during the operation, the AP said. Also the two Taliban leaders were killed in an apparent drone strike in the eastern Paktika province, the AP reported.

Still Kabul’s U.S- backed government is struggling to retain the control of the country from Taliban rebels. About 57 percent of districts nationwide are under government control, down 15 percent November 2015.

According to the U.S Long War journal website more than 150 coalitions were killed in so called “green or blue” insiders attack by local soldiers. In a most recent attack in October 2016 a gunman dressed in Afghan army uniform killed a U.s contractor and a U.S soldier.

Moreover there are many other cases like that, today closed to13,000 Nato-led soldiers are serving in Afghanistan to train and assist Afghan forces against Taliban insurgency and threats from Islamic States.

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