3 People Dead In China After Major Fire Breaks Out At Luxury Hotel

China: In a Luxury hotel China fire was broke out and done a lot of damages, more than three people were dead there and more than fourteen people were injured according to the local media news of china many of injured people are in serious condition as doctors trying their best to save lives.


There are some heart breaking pictures of incident was uploaded in those pictures many people were running here and there and trying to help people in danger there was a lot of smoke there which is seen from a long distance of kilometers.

Fire brigades and ambulance doing their job to serve people according to the latest news fire is controlled by fire brigades and now search operation is in progress they are searching injured people from the incident place they are facing difficulties because of smoke present there.

First the time was told my some unknown sores was 8 am according to the report the fire broke out from the second floor of the hotel which also connected with a 24 storey apartment, The hotel is a multi storey hotel and it was full of smoke from the head to tail on time of fire.

One woman who came out from the fired building told that more than ten construction workers there injured there as they all working there on a project of decoration one other man jumped from second storey to save himself from fire was injured and rushed to hospital he said it was a horrible seen of his life and he will never forget it.

More than 10 fire trucks were arrived there on time of fire and control the fire on time, and number of Ambulances was there and shifted injured as well as died people to the hospital.

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