23 Peoples Burned, 17 Missing Indonesian Police Arrested Ferry’s Captain

Indonesian police arrested captain and 5 other crew members allegedly, these all are accused of killing 23 peoples along with 17 persons missing as he abandoned ship as passenger struggled to escape. Divers are searching for 17 people still missing.


According to sources, Indonesian Police has detained the captain along with five other staff members including three crew members and two port authority staff members.

These all are detained in relation to tragedy killing 23 peoples and 17 missing persons who were celebrating the new year in a ferry that caught fire on the first day of this year.

According to the director general of Indonesian sea port, Antonius Tonny Budiono “A captain’s obligation is to be the last person off the ship, after all, the passengers have been evacuated.” The captain is in police custody as he was the first person to jump from the ferry

The skipper could face serious fine and punishment for is alleged negligence, he may lose his license or may be ban from sailing. He added, the number of passengers is not confirmed some said there may be 250 persons in the boat but written were 100, some also said there were 184 peoples in the boat.

According to International media, the boat was a tourist ferry carrying travelers to Tidung Island in North Jakarta mostly Indonesian caught fire around 9 a.m. Sunday near Muara Angke.

23 people died in the fire while divers are searching for missing 17 peoples. The reason of fire is still unknown according to sources. According to the Director, Hero Henrianto Bachtiar told media “We have detained the captain of the boat, and are now taking his statement ”

Indonesia is world’s 7 largest country in the world in terms of combined sea and land area have the poor marine safety record and boat accidents incidents.

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