22 Missing Persons From Kerala Are Spotted To ISIS Camp In Afghanistan

Sources said that 22 persons missing from Kerala are in ISIS camp in Nangarhar in Afghanistan,22 victims are missing from June and July last year, according to Indian Intelligence Service.


According to Intelligence agencies of India the 22 missing persons who are missing from last year between June and July are now in ISIS camp located in Nangarhar in Afghanistan, Nangarhar province is close to Jalalabad on the eastern side, there are more than 3000 terrorists are there approximately.

These persons were taken to terror group’s training camp in Nangarhar Via Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Middle east.

The 21 people, including three children and six women, are from Palakkad and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. The number of the missing persons, all under the age of 30, well-educated and they belong to middle and upper-middle-class families, is said to be 21 but could be even more.

16 out of total missing are born Muslims while two men and three women are converts to Islam from Christianity and Hinduism. Relatives, friends and neighbours of the missing Muslim youth said that they had never shown signs of being overly religious nor had they shown any interest in regular religious affairs.

According to sources all men and women are used to be well-mannered and they were doing professional studies and may have engineering IT and management degrees have clear police record also.

All persons left their homes and villages within the past two months and had told their parents and families that they were going to Sri Lanka in search of Job and religious studies.

A Hakeem is among one of missing sent a WhatsApp photo and said, “From hell, I have reached heaven where I can lead an Islamic way of life.” this lead to the first clue that they are now in Afghanistan.

They all could act in a terror activity in Syria and Iran said by intelligence sources. Intelligence agencies also provided their complete details, according to sources.

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