2 Man Injured With Sniper Fires In France During President’s Hollande Speech

France: According to local news two people were fired mistaken by snipers they said gun was accidentally fired during a speech of President of Hollande.


Hollande told in the town of Villognon they are planning in central of France to opening of a high-speed railway line between Paris and Bordeaux on that time during speech in which president was informing about projects to people on that time Sharpe shooter by mistake opened fires.

The local News said that the Sharpe shooters were appointed on the near high building roofs as for the protection of president as there was a threat of some mishaps, the sniper was doing his job while he fired by mistake and injured two people present there.

Two man were injured according to the local news the fire hits on the leg and also they told one of the two injured one is a waiter and the other one was a employ of railway he received fire in her foot both were transferred to the hospital and in observation of doctors operation was done of both and their lives are save now according to doctors report.

In another report reporters said that the sniper was also injured by his own fire to his feet as he was jumping with pain up down and was in seriously bad pain then suddenly he opened fired and both man was get injured.

In his Twitter account President said it was a bad incident and he thanked the God no one lost his her life, he told that when he was addressing people there suddenly he heard a sound of fire he was also get afraid as he saw people running here and there after fire was fired on people accidentally.

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