2 Bomb Attack In Baghdad Kills At Least 25 Peoples On Saturday, Claimed By ISIS

Islamic state of Iraq and Syria ISIS claimed two bombings which killed at least 25 peoples on Saturday in the central Baghdad while fighting intensely in the northern city of Mosul.


Government in Mosul was trying to rout the Jihadist from city which could be their major strong hold in country.

According to the sources ISIS claimed that they blasted two bombings killing 25 people in Mosul during their fight to acquire Mosul. The details reveal that one of the two bombings was suicide attack on Saturday in a busy market.

According to department of Police, the bombings including one suicide attack was on Shiite Muslims, Which they thought to be as apostates’. The ISIS still wants to acquire Baghdad even after they lost their territory which they seized in 2014.

However the second phase of U.S-backed offensive has launched on Thursday after a week of deadlock that has faced fierce resistance coming more close to the front lines U.S forces are deployed more extensively in this Phase.

According to sources a heavy gun fire was heard and attacks from gunship helicopters forces many of the residents to sled their homes. In northern areas a separate army unit is deployed which captured many Villages in recent days.

According to the statement of Lt. Col. Abbas al-Azawi “There is a battle in Argoob area, which is considered the gateway to Hadba,”this was his clear indication for northern neighborhood. After October 13 the offensive began as elite forces retaken control over quarter of Mosul.

This renewed push causes forces and ISIS to fight more in Northern and Southern fronts on Saturday.6 members of family also died in a rocket launcher attack in Mithaq district The ISIS is now trying to gain back this area where U.S troops gained control in November.

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