16 Killed 40 Injured In 2 Taliban Attacks On Security Buildings In Kabul

In both attacks there are 16 people killed and 40 injured in which some are women and children also including senior citizens, Taliban spokesperson admires the responsibility of these two attacks.


On Wednesday, Organized attacks are performed by the fully armed with suicide jackets pounce on Afghan security forces.

In Afghanistan’s capital operation starts against the high profile target killers of Taliban.

According to the spokesperson of Taliban named Zabiullah Mujahid that mutually attacks are done by their nominators. Minimum 16 persons killed and more than 40 wounded in the both attacks confirmed by the ministry of health Afghanistan.

Kabul city and other areas of Afghanistan are disturbed by the proceeding of different Taliban groups in winter. In Kabul, a suicide boom attack murdered more than 20 persons having children and women held in front of the Afghanistan’s Supreme Court.

Yesterday, In Southwestern Kabul, a car full of explosive materials was stood with the back wall of a police complex. They wanted to start a gun battle with the police which carry on several hours and want to hijack them into their building.

The attack time was late afternoon in which 14 police and one civilian were murdered confirmed by the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan. In this attack 43 injured and a lot of number in this injuries are effected by the shattered glass.

In other attack, a blast was placed at the main gate of the office of Intelligence Company in Kabul. In this attack one person was killed and many injuries are noticed of the security guard of the company.

Attackers tried to enter in the building but all in vain made by the officials command of army.

One eyewitness stated the when he was playing crickets with his friends he noticed a sound of firing they escaped towards the field and run to save their lives.

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