13-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Flung Out Ride At China Park

Beijing: a young Chinese girl, 13, has lost her life after being flung out of a rapid-turning at an amusement park in Southwest China, local authorities reported media.


After assessing initial investigation, it came out that incident occurred as her seatbelt had broken even a passenger safety bar didn’t fit tightly enough at the Chaohua Park in Fengdu county that comes under Chongqing municipality, the product safety regulator in China told.

The smartphone video clip shows that carried by media, the young girl flying out of the travel through space ride at afternoon on 3 February, 2017, the way seats repeatedly spun round the 360 degrees.

On the other, media has reported that the 13-year-old girl fell on to iron railing, though rescue was called at the spot who took her to nearest hospital, where lost her life.

Although, the family of dead girl has agreed for a compensation agreement with the park administration as they lost young girl because of their carelessness, decided amount is ¥ 870,000 ($127,000), reported the West China Metropolis Daily.

The Chinese tabloid also disclosed that the ride had passed a routine quality examination carried out more than a month ago. Onlookers as well as a number of youngsters told media when asked how everything happened, seen hanging along with the ride and everyone cried loudly to call authorities.

Nonetheless, a statement came from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said that they had urged Chongqing authorities to launch special inspection by suspending all the large amusement facilities of the park to assess possible danger.

Even the organization also asked companies those have been operating the same “Travel Through Space” ride in China to instantly suspend its use and contact its Chengdu city-based maker for additional assessments.

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