101 Islamic Militants Killed by US Military Forces in Iraq and Syria

In Iraq and Syria 101 Daesh extremist were killed in an attack by US military forces on their workstations. If we put an eye on the details we came to know that US military groups targeted differed workstation of Daesh and rain bombs on those workstations in Fallujah at Iraq, in the result of this bombarding 70 Daesh extremist were killed in attack their great leader Mahralblauy was also dead.


It is a great loss for Daesh that one of their great leader was killed he is one of the great warriors of Deash and he also trained many Deash members in his reagion.

US military soldiers have done round about 20 attacks on different Daesh workstations, working in Fallujah at Iraq, when all this was happening in Iraq another team of US military forces attacked round about 150 times on different Deash workstations in Raqqa in Syria, in the result of these 150 attacks 31 extremist of Deash were honored with a horrible death and during all this US military forces have liberated 5 villages from Deash.

Due to this civil war going on in Syria 2 lac, 80 thousand people were prompt killed in Syria many families were completely finished there is no one left who even talk about them, in many families one or two people were alive and all other were dead.

These people are also dying from hunger because the head of families were killed and all this is a very terrifying situation in Syria and this situation also increase the crime rate in Syria.

After seeing this entire situation Turkish leader said that it is really unacceptable for us the people in Iraq and Syria are dying every day more over that the soldiers of US army are taking part in the wars by wearing civil dresses so the other people cannot identify them
Moreover that the European Union has extended one year over the restrictions on Syria.

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