1 Million Signatures Have Been Seen On Application Against The Visit Of Trump To UK

Donal Trump is newly appointed US president, he is 45th president succeeding Barack Obama, his presidency starts on January 20, 2017. He is not seem to be liked by so many peoples due to his false policies, he is offensive and had wrong foreign policies.


While his official visit was expected to UK an anti-Trump application was noticed on an official website it got 1 Million signature to ban Trump visit to Britain.

According to foreign newspaper after electing Donal Trump as US president a British prosecutor Graham Geddes started a reform to ban Donal Trump’s official visit to UK. He put an application on the parliament website to ban Trump visit to Britain it was displayed on November 2016.

Initially it got 373 signature but till 30 of January 2017 it got 1 million signature and the number is still rising. Application describes he can visit Britain, but as Women’s hog and incivility related documentation are found so he don’t deserve that that Queen or the Prince of Wale welcome him so that Trump Official should not be allowed to visit.

As initially application has few signed but due to his decision to ban 7 US seekers Muslim countries the numbers are noticed to be rising. The seven countries include Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.

Speaking to Morning Britain program, Nadhim Zahawi and an Iraqi-born member of the British Parliament, said the ban was discriminatory and wrong. Many people protest against the step of US president. Protest are being noticed in US and also in other countries.

It would be now discussed in the parliament that either he should be allowed to visit UK or ban him during his tenure of his president ship.

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